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About the Admissions Insider

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Welcome to the Admissions Insider - your gateway to the hallowed halls of Ivy League institutions and top ranked colleges across the country.


Founded by a former Associate Director of Admissions from a prestigious Ivy League school, we offer unparalleled insights into the admissions process. With a history of reviewing hundreds of applications and shaping the futures of promising students, our expertise stands unmatched. Not just an observer, our founder has played a pivotal role in scholarship decisions, ensuring deserving students receive the education they dream of.


At Admissions Insider, we believe every student has a unique story. Our mission? To help you tell it in the most compelling way possible. We understand the intricacies of the admissions process, the weight of every word on your application, and the importance of scholarships. Our goal is to demystify the journey to the Ivy League and best universities in America for students and their families.

Join us, and unlock the secrets to a successful college application. Dive deep into a world of elite education with the guidance of an insider.


What We Offer

It's simple

We offer three packages, each with a limited capacity of applicants per year.

Our comprehensive one-on-one mentoring that is always focused on your unique needs and goals.



Admission Foundations


15 total hours

4 applications supported

Dive into the world of Ivy League admissions with this foundational package. Designed for the discerning student, the Ivy Fundamentals Package offers guidance for 4 applications, ensuring each one shines. With 15 dedicated hours, split between 6 hours of video calls and 9 hours of offline work, you're investing in personalized attention and expertise that will set your applications apart.​

30 total hours

9 applications supported

Elevate your admissions game with Ivy Insights. Perfect for students targeting multiple top-tier schools, this package encompasses up to 9 applications. Over 30 hours, split between 14 hours of video calls and 16 hours of offline work, we'll delve deep into your story, optimizing every facet of your application. Benefit from a reduced hourly rate while gaining comprehensive insights that can be the key to your Ivy League acceptance.

50 total hours

16 applications supported

For the truly ambitious student aiming for nothing but the best. Ivy Elite is our most comprehensive package, covering up to 16 applications. Over 50 hours, we'll craft a holistic strategy, ensuring consistency and excellence across all applications. With a competitive hourly rate, this package offers unparalleled value, positioning you at the forefront of Ivy League admissions. 


Please note, that because every package is managed by a former Ivy League Admissions Officer, there are a very limited number of packages available each year.


What Our Students & Parents Say

“I'm so grateful for the support and guidance from the Admissions Insider. With their help, I was able to craft a personal statement that truly reflected my unique strengths and experiences. I can't thank them enough for helping me get accepted to my top choice school!”

- Sarah L.

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